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The list of wines is comprehensive, including wines from the main regions of France and a few appearances from the new world.

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They’re also perfect for that Valentine’s Day party, since they come in single servings.Take note as you dive into your bowl of hot chocolate, ‘Mon Amour’!‘Mon Lapin’ (my rabbit) is displayed on the wall, perhaps replacing the portrait of a loved one?A quick sneak around and back for another espresso, I cannot help but marvel and wonder; is this a bistro, is it a canteen, or a very stylish living room?Who’s to say, only – it works, it’s delicious and a great place for a Sunday lunch.Outside, trendy Parisians wait for a table and antique dealers gather for chat.

Random antique chairs scattered about contribute to the eclectic picture. On the ground floor, an open bustling kitchen, tables filled to the brim.

And it’s not just the interior that stands out chez Cocotte.

The food and the menu built on traditional French cuisine are just as inviting.

These hidden terms of French endearment appear from the most unlikely places to surprise you inside Ma Cocotte, the restaurant designed by Philippe Starck in the heart of Paris’ enchanting antique and flea markets (aka, ).

As you bite into your roast chicken, a little hidden love message ‘Ma Poule’ (hen) appears on your plate.

Climbing the metal stairs to the first floor, you enter what feels like a chic living room.