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Straightedge dating

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You wanna have a beer with your grilled hot dog or slice of pizza? But I don't think I'd be able to date a girl that frequents bars on a regular basis.I have zero interest in accompanying them to bars, and I find it hard to trust someone that is out in a place designated to getting drunk and finding people to hook up with.

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in my ideal world i would date someone who is also edge, but living in a not-so-large town unfortunately means that there are not many edge girls here.Stoners have always really pissed me off and that would be a major road block in the relationship.As of now, she knows my feelings and has respected that which has made me quite relieved.I don't care if my girlfriend wants to drink as long as it isn't a big issue like it was for me - I.e. I don't think I could handle dating someone who is a heavy drug user, sometimes even kissing my girlfriend is difficult when she has a had a drink - that is down to me not wanting to get a taste for it again, not because I find her disgusting, though.I used to only date girls who wouldn't drink, but I got over it. My fiancé and I have been together for five years and she drinks on occasion.All of which were absolute dealbreakers because they are extremely important values in my life.

I just wouldn't be cool with my partner doing things that I believe are wrong.

Then about half a year later, they start missing it and resenting me because I'm the reason they no longer partake.

It's unhealthy and it's never worked out. If you want to drink a glass of wine with dinner, then go for it!

I'm ok with that and really happy to see the change in her lifestyle to something more healthy.

I still have this fear though that she starts smoking up as pot becomes more and more tolerated.

Smoking a big no-no for me, the smell is awful and I'm assuming the taste is just as bad.