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Stewardess dating

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It was a lot to put up with, especially for my meager starting salary of 12,000 pounds (about $19,000) for my 1,000 flying hours a year. From the Caribbean to South Africa, I had a guy at every port.My favorite spot in Barbados was this club full of hot guys.

This was how I met a very beautiful JAL flight attendant who happened to be with her “co-flight attendants” who ventured into the famous Rumors night club, which happens to be in the same hotel they spend their lay-overs in.But at my dad’s urging, I went on to study computer science at Hartlepool College. ” my colleague told me after a long, tedious afternoon at the office.After graduation, in 1995, I got a job at Virgin Airlines as a planning support officer in the engineering department. I was 26 and had just gotten out of a bad relationship and decided to take the advice to heart.I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know that I wanted a love like my parents had. On one trip, while flying to the luxe coastal city of Nerja, Spain, I was mesmerized by the glamorous air hostesses in their yellow and blue uniforms.They looked so elegant and I wanted to be one of them.Whether it be Korean Airlines, Singapore Airlines or JAL… mainland flying United Airlines the stewardesses were old, cranky and somewhat unappealing to the potential male admirer!

well, when you see the very attractive and feminine ladies they hire it makes you want to only use those particular airlines! The service they offered was on the brink of cold and rude and had me longing for my usual JAL level of service and attention to detail…

We threw epic parties at the hotel — one time a steward tossed a sofa out of a hotel window.

I always brought some wild props with me — my suitcase was like a traveling sex shop.

The reason I bring this up is that today I was on a flight from Oahu to Kauai and could not help but notice this one guy’s attempt to win the attention of a very attractive flight attendant working the flight.

Having flown domestic and international flights I can honestly say that the airlines with the prettiest flight attendants originate from the orient.

I applied to transfer to cabin crew, figuring I’d rack up some fun experiences and get over my breakup.