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We invented "Stardate" to avoid continually mentioning Star Trek's century (actually, about two hundred years from now), and getting into arguments about whether this or that would have developed by then.

'We thought this was hilarious, because everyone would say, "How come this date is before that date when this show is after that show?What is called a "percentage point" is actually the tenths digit.While the daily rate of increase wasn't always adhered to within episodes, the initial four digits weren't selected quite as randomly as described here.[3] Replying to a newsgroup question on stardates, Engel quoted information from his book: "For the starship captain's log entry narrations, Roddenberry wanted to devise a futuristic measurement of time reference.He called (Sam) Peeples (whom Roddenberry had contacted early on for help in learning about science fiction, a subject he knew nothing about; it was Peeples who wrote "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the pilot that sold ST).Although much of the information from the Star Trek Guide was used in Stephen E.

Whitfield's book The Making of Star Trek (conceived in May 1967 and published in September 1968), the above specifics of selecting stardate numbers weren't included. I wanted us well into the future but without arguing approximately which century this or that would have been invented or superseded.

According to Star Trek Fact Check, de Forest Research had this to say about stardates: – Astronomers already have adopted a method of dating which makes possible the counting of the number of days elapsed between widely separated observations called 'the Julian Day'. A Julian cycle is 7,980 years, and the Julian day measurement would be scientifically authentic. Julian B is meant to be the day count since January 1, 3268, the start of the next 7980-year Julian Period.

According to Kellam de Forest: The original script for the pilot of Star Trek was titled "Menagerie" (sic) and we in the research department, De Forest Research, didn't see it until it was in script form and came to us to review just like any other Desilu script, or any other script from any other client.

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" The answer was because you were in a different sector of the universe.' [4] The following instructions to writers were copied from the series bible Star Trek Guide; they are quoted at Star Trek Fact Check.