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Spyware doctor not updating

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There are even four 'lazy' buttons that produce random presets when you're feeling uninspired!I particularly enjoyed the combination of the 'analogue' and digital oscillators.

This format is tied in with the new Soundframe 'Universal Sound Manager', which incorporates the Mediabay file-management system.As you might expect, there are acres of dramatic deep-space explorations and inspiring fantasies on offer, but is also capable of beautiful, evolving, analogue-like pads, as well as incredibly complex yet subtle animations that remind me of the classic Korg Wavestation.Yet, like all the best synths, it has a unique character of its own. Where plug-ins provide their own preset management, or even their own load/save functions, the VST3 Mediabay makes rather less sense, but if you like its approach and tagging possibilities you'll need to convert your existing presets to the VST3 format.This approach has the advantage that a plug-in can always find its own presets automatically, but I do recommend that you copy the entire contents of this folder regularly to a non-Windows location on another partition/drive, to make sure you have a backup of all your custom presets.In my Internet travels I sometimes discover little software nuggets that others may not come across.Luckily for many of us, some of those who have already gone through this careful process have generously made their efforts available to other users.

Jan Lanter of Lanter Audio took up the challenge of converting as many factory banks for different products as he could, and was subsequently helped by various other contributors.

The free demo version periodically generates a noise burst, but is bundled with a generous 256 patches.

The full version comes with over 600 patches, plus the ability to load your own SF2-format files into its digital oscillators.

's new preset-management system falls under the PC Notes spotlight this month, as does an update to a recommended spyware-protection utility and an eye-catching yet cost-effective soft synth...

In January 2007's PC Notes, I discussed various ways of coping with the lack of Direct X plug-in compatibility in Steinberg's plug-in ointment, so this month I'm offering more advice and a few workarounds for PC users.

After all, third-party developers are far more interested in you specifically launching their instrument or plug-in for its unique sounds, rather than because one of its presets happens to pop up as part of a list when you search for a 'dark string' sound!