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Speed dating for teachers

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Spanish Question Words Unit For some reason, students really struggle with these, but they don’t have to be so hard.They’re such crucial words for understanding language!

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That’s at least a three week break from lesson planning each year.Includes: formation guides, speaking activities, games, quizzes, tests, Internet activities, songs, memes, etc.Textbooks rarely include activities for holidays, but they’re a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary and culture.Each of these bundles has enough resources for each holiday for your whole teaching career.Perfect for all levels of Spanish language learners.Day of the Dead Bundle My favorite Hispanic holiday!

Colorful PPT presentation, video clips, song with activities, crafts, make your own memorials, word wall words, skull mini books, etc.

Spanish Subjunctive Unit Oh – the dreaded subjunctive that students never seem to understand.

Throw out the old ways of teaching with WEIRDO and other strange pneumonics.

My Spanish Speaking Countries Bundle is instant culture for the whole year.

Each week, pick a Hispanic country and plan a cultural Friday where you show 6-8 colorful photos from the country, color a country flag, learn interesting facts, and travel virtually with a few short video clips.

Famous Hispanics Game and Research Project This is a PPT presentation based on the game, “20 Clues”.