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Speed dating conversations

She asked groups of volunteers to get to know one another and requested that the volunteers either ask a lot of questions or very few.

without consideration of what your specific issues are. I hoped that the person on the other line would just stay on the phone long enough to hear my pitch.In the context of the Common Field Convening with organizers coming together from across the country, we hope CESD can be used as a catalyst for attendees to forge bonds that extend outside the conference.Borrowing both the tone and format of speed dating, CESD brings people face-to-face for fun, if at times awkward, conversations that help people learn more about who they are sharing space with in the room and at the convening.D student at Harvard, that suggests that people who ask questions, particularly follow-up questions, may become better managers, land better jobs, and even win second dates.Huang designed a study that examined whether asking questions at a first meeting improved the relationship or made no difference.In analyzing a similar scenario with speed dating, the researchers discovered similar results.

In other words, those people that asked more questions were more likely to be asked on follow-up dates than those who did not ask questions.

I concluded that the only thing I needed to do was nail the facts and features of my product and ask for the sale.

I didn’t try to connect with the client and as a result the conversation was little more than a one man show: “This is what my product offers and it’s the best on the market, etc.

We hope to host Cultural Equity Speed Dating on the first night of the conference so that attendees can continue their conversations throughout the course of the weekend.

Michelada Think Tank’s practice, and CESD specifically, embody the core values of Common Field.

Ask questions that help you understand your buyer’s situation.