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Soo ae dating

“9 End 2 Outs,” also known as “Two Outs in the Ninth Inning” is a 2007 South Korean drama series directed by Han Chul Soo.3 Feb – Korean actress Soo Ae claimed that rumours of her alleged relationship with CEO Jung Tae-won of Taewon Entertainment are not true, and relayed that legal action will be taken if necessary.

The two met through 2010 SBS drama “ATHENA: Goddess of War” as actress and producer.Soo Ae's management company Star J Entertainment CEO Jung Young-bum stated, "The report that Soo Ae and CEO Jung Tae-won are dating is untrue. We will not avoid even legal action if these rumours continue to spread."Young-bum stressed the fact that there is no special relationship between the two by adding, "It wasn't just the two of them alone, there are other actors with them went they went for meals and wine sometimes."It was a scandal as CEO Jung Tae-won is a powerful figure in the entertainment industry who has produced dramas "Iris", "Athena: Goddess of War" as well as movie "Family's Honour" series and "Barefoot Kibong". I really liked watching her."Regarding their skinship scenes, he said, "They were really hard.I would have taken the lead if she were my age or younger, saying stuff like, 'Let's do it like this, let's do it like that,' but she was my senior, so it was hard for me to bring up the kiss scenes first.But Nan Hee’s mother disapproves of the unbalanced relationship because Jung Joo is eight years younger than Nan Hee.

To get away from her nagging mother, Nan Hee rents the house of Byun Hyung Tae (Lee Jung Jin), while he is on vacation, only to end up living with him in the same house.

However, they are not dating.” Initially, her agency stated it would take legal action against those who spread the false rumor.

During a phone interview with TVDaily, the representative stated, “After great deliberation, we have decided not to press charges.

The reporter from “Sports Seoul” claimed that Jung Tae Won would often pick up Soo Ae near her home and would drive off to enjoy their time together.

She continued, “They did what any other couples do on dates.

Will be keeping an eye out for you in future projects. 9,even though the story mainly revolves around the female leads. 9 is a must watch for those who loves thriller with fantasy but depicts true and innocent love. hahaha....^_^ Gosh, wishing had a full frontal good looking manager, but nope! At first, I wasn't completely smitten, but after a few episodes, he crept into my heart.