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It is not an act of taking, or of re-assembly, or of what Nicolas Rothwell has described, in relation to books of Aboriginal history written by non-indigenous historians, often with great intentions, as works of preservation that always get sucked into processes of cultural dispersion. It was Alexievich who made me ask whether witnessing was more like spending the night with the person in the bio-chamber. There is a window of opportunity around the Royal Commission. The opportunity is to make some kind of meaningful change on a societal level. Two hours of talking to them, maybe two and a half. I felt like I told a story that could be turned into a horror movie. She said, ‘You did really, really well.’ When I came out I had to sleep. Not once in my life did anyone come up to me and say, ‘What’s wrong? My children, when I finally told them, had great fear that I would get sick again.

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And I haven’t been able to find an explanation of what happens in her books. Music, at least in the West, has become the language for talking about the Alexievich method: voices, a choir, symphonic, polyphonic. Besides I don’t think taking a mystery and simply transposing it onto another domain, flooding it with another kind of language, is a way of getting close to it. Why aren’t we hearing any more about the Royal Commission? There is no one to reassure us that it will continue. If someone would come to me and say, ‘I am really sorry. ” And my smart friend said, “Partially, it’s because institutional sexual abuse is like radiation poisoning.” And of course it is like radiation poisoning, omnipresent and invisible. This is the result of your strategies, your management.” “But then,” says Linda Tilgner, “if you think about society as a series of systems, or a series of institutions, everything is a form of an institution. They took his body and put it in a cellophane bag and tied the bag up. Then they put the wooden coffin wrapped in the plastic bag into a zinc coffin. Some years ago I interviewed psychiatrist Paul Valent and he said, He told me that of all the traumatised populations he had come across in his work, child survivors of sexual abuse, at least some of them, were more traumatised than any other group. The Royal Commission is flawed, disappointing, necessary, vital, too institutional, too diffuse, a massive improvement on everything else, a let-down, a revolution, but it will not matter in the end if we continue relying on it to do the work of public reckoning with the history of systemic sexual abuse of children in this country. The Royal Commission has inspired one of the best episodes of Rake, Season 3. When I am walking streets of Melbourne, I cannot stop myself from imagining abused children hiding in adult bodies. When you hear the term "pickup artists," what—or who—do you envision?If you're anything like me, you think of men: Slithery, sexist men banded together to forge underground alliances of high-fiving bros, with the solitary shared goal of bedding women.But thankfully, pickup artistry is beginning to broaden beyond the boys' club.I think you know by now I don’t want to talk about music tonight. Public validation of the truths of people’s broken lives.

For me, the idea of common humanity is linked inextricably to witnessing other people’s suffering. Spade being named a spade in a public square through a loudspeaker.

Leading the female-PUA pack is Arden Leigh, a Las Vegas-by-way-of-NYC "seduction siren" and author of . An "indirect approach" involves you tweaking your body language to signal that you're open to him approaching you—try standing "in his peripheral vision and [hoping]" he comes over.

With her perfectly winged black eyeliner and penchant for PUA strategy-speak like "attraction switches," "social proof," and "opening the set," Leigh is turning the pickup game on its head by translating it into a proactive approach that women can use to shamelessly chase what they want. Imagine you're knee-deep in Barnes & Noble's magazine racks when you spot a fetching artist type sipping his latte across the aisle. Then there's the "semi-direct approach," which works if the man is with friends—here "you'd go up and say something to one of the friends because you're not as nervous around them." The third method is a "direct approach," or walking right up to the guy.

And it is unwitnessed human pain that I think of when trying to understand why this idea – common humanity – feels particularly, acutely fragile in today’s world. An Australian ‘survivor’ of sex abuse outside the Quirinale Hotel in Rome, Italy, 28 February 2016.

It is what Primo Levi described all those years ago. He is wearing a shirt with an image of himself as a child printed on it.

We, the social debt, community, the wider society …