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Usually symmetric NAT issue can not be resolved using STUN detection mechanism which is supported by Grandstream products; it can be solved on the media proxy server maintained by Vo IP service provider.

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Check the connection speed (10Mpbs or 100Mbps) with the Internet source (router, modem, etc).- Once finished, press round button till cursor is on OK.- Press the round button once more to initiate the Factory Reset.We recommend that "NAT traversal" is always set to yes.This is most likely due to intermediate device like Router/Firewall blocking UDP ports for SIP.There are times where the "407 Proxy Authentication Required" is sent out from the server side, but does not reach the endpoint.

Here are a couple of methods to help troubleshoot this issue: - Disable "SIP ALG" if this is an option on the router - If "SIP ALG" does exist and you are unable to change this feature it is recommended that the router upgrades the firmware to the latest version.

The agents that use the modified policies will retrieve the policy update and cache it locally, thereby preventing them from attempting to automatically update.

The final step above ensures the edited policy propagates to all agents before the console is updated.

VIPRE has added multiple driver updates that are included with this release.

Depending on the version of the drivers on your system and which features are enabled in your policies (e.g.

All our 10/100M Ethernet ports have MDIX, an auto-crossover feature.