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User-to-user calls are free, while calls to landlines and mobile phones are charged.

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How can I use multiple cameras with my web video conferencing software?sending an email to this email address with this subject line.To keep all in the communication loops, do not modify your email subject line. Note that that email discussion is hosted publicly on the debian-doc mailing list.Also, Gallery View and IM errors are hidden from the attendees.Skype is non-free, proprietary, closed source software, owned by a for profit corporation and not supported by Debian.If the number of participants in a Skype for Business meeting exceeds 75 participants, then the participant list (presenters and attendees) in the meeting roster will be truncated so that an individual attendee sees only the presenters and the individual attendee's own name.

The full participant list remains visible to the presenters in the meeting.

Note The limits applied to an Office 365 organization can differ depending on how long the organization has been enrolled in the service.

When a limit is changed in the Microsoft data centers, it can take some time to apply the change to all existing customers.

Power users have adopted web video conferencing for it’s powerful communication benefits and they want to push the limits of what they can achieve.

Using multiple cameras will allow presentations to include a second view for products, speakers and almost anything else you can imagine.

You can use Skype Web on Debian to chat with your Skype contacts though.