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Until you've tried Date Kent Singles, you haven't really tried browsing personals in Kent. Browsing Kent singles for Kent dates is something you shouldn't dread, yet feel obligated to do, because it's a good opportunity for meeting singles in Kent who share your interests.Kent dating is something that's supposed to be fun. This is an absolutely dreadful way to look at online dating.

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Try our site out for a few days, and you're going to realize that online dating can indeed be a blast.For example, in Log Book, she stole Ulrich's diary and read all about Lyoko, then blackmailed him into dating her. attacks, in episodes such as Log Book, End of Take, and again in The Trap. has been eliminated, Sissi stumbles upon Jeremie's video diary in the lab after using a tracking device to find their hideout.In Holiday in the Fog, she stayed back at school during the holiday to spy on Jeremie and try to figure out what he was up to. In Seasons 2-4, she still retained her gentle side, and wasn't as devious towards the Lyoko Warriors, but was still rather rude and obnoxious at times. She rants and raves to her father about everything, including her being possessed, but he doesn't believe her.As of Teddygozilla, she had won three of Kadic's annual beauty contests. She goes with Odd to the factory and inadvertently stumbles upon the secret of Lyoko, and becomes a part of the gang. A return to the past is launched, and Sissi never remembers any of the events that happened.Sissi had been seeking Ulrich's affections since the two were in pre-school, as revealed in Marabounta. The next day, Sissi expresses her interest in going to Lyoko. During the first season, she made up many plans to get Ulrich to herself or try to join the gang.After a return to the past, Aelita is very enthusiastic to have Sissi come along with them.

Elisabeth is a French and English variant of the Hebrew given name Elisheba (אֱלִישֶׁבַע), which roughly translates to "God is abundant".

In the original scripts of False Pretenses, Sissi reveals to Aelita that she and her mother go shopping every second weekend or so, implying that her parents may be divorced. Awakens, in which Ulrich stood her up for a date due to considering her a traitor (for something she could not remember doing), starting their feud.

She often whines and yells at people if she is provoked or taunted. Ulrich and Odd in particular were often as antagonistic toward Sissi as she was toward them, although they both let up on this animosity considerably in the fourth season after having bonded closer with Sissi on numerous occasions.

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