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She also planned to spend two weeks with me to assist with the adjustment process.

To move through you to remind and show others that they too are worthy of and truly are nothing less than a blessing, miracle, and gift.After they reject a blessing they tell themselves and others that the blessing left them because they are unworthy. We reject who and what we are, which is a Sacred miracle, blessing, and gift, then in our own denial of what and who we truly are, we deny goodness, then tell ourselves and others that we are unworthy of goodness because it keeps leaving us.Our beauty, blessings, miracles, and gifts can never leave us because we are them, yet we can leave our Holy perception and replace it with one of lies that speaks to us about guilt, blame, and shame.Next, the foster mother entered the room carrying my baby. An open donor is a sperm donor who is open to meeting the children whom his sperm produced, and when my daughter turns 18, she can contact the bank I used, and they will release contact information about her donor to her.After I gave birth, there was an onslaught of media attention directed towards the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR). Continue reading adoption, choice mom, donor insemination, donor siblings, motherhood, single mom, single mother by choice, single motherhood, single mothers, single parent, single women, SMC, solo mother, solo parenting, sperm donor So this is how I made the decision: I had planned a weekend away with my mother and my goal was to have made a decision – one way or another – by the time we were flying home. It was the most wonderful experience of my adult life to share everything I thought and everything I felt with my mother without hesitation and without filtering anything. Last weekend I sat down with the rest of my family (which is no easy feat), my father, … I went into a depression, sought counseling and was stuck—I wanted biological kids, but I also wanted a traditional family. Looking back, I see how uneducated I was about fertility for women in their 40s. It was a non-issue for my son to find out, or more accurately, have confirmed that the donor is his biological father, although I will admit that I haven’t emphasized that specific phrase.

One significant example is the issues that arise out of the fact that we’ve started getting into more specific details about conception.

As I sit here writing, my house is filled with baby items from friends and Freecycle. At least now I have hope—I’m on an adoption waiting list. I became a thinker and joined Single Mothers by Choice at age 39. Continue reading I just saw an ad for The Mystery Science Theater 3000 show. I think kids take their cues from us on this sort of thing so I have tried hard to be very matter of fact about it all and present it as neutrally as possible, while still making it clear that I think a mom and kid family is terrific. I found it easy to talk to toddlers and preschoolers, but found the fads of grade school tough to follow, and always felt like I reverted back to that shy, awkward kid I’d once been, when I tried to engage friends’ school-aged kids.

People encouraged me to move forward, but I was stuck. I wasn’t as much of a “baby person” as I’d expected to be.

When you feel undeserving of a miracle, welcome it anyway.

When you feel unmerited of a gift, receive it anyway.

The blessings, miracles, and gifts are never just for you anyway. When you receive them, you accept them for you and those they are supposed to get to through you.