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Simgirls dating simulator 5 0

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I have spent so many hours on that game I am quiet embarrassed to admit that I never seen the end of the game.

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I'd check it out to see how much work he put into it.I would rush home and see if my parents aren't home to go on Newgrounds to play some of the dress-up dolls that they have at the time.Since it was the point when I discovered girls and its one of the only way without paying any money to see girls naked (remember those times before Google Image).One day is like every other teenage day I done my ritual checking around to see if my parents and siblings are not around.Fix myself up a container full of Cheese-Nips, hop on to the Dell Dimension 2100, click on the Internet Explorer icon, type in the address for Newgrounds since I never bookmark it out of fear of my parents finding out.Then I saw this game on the front page reading as "Hentai~Sim Girl" and the description "Japan's biggest sensation has arrived".

For me being a big weeaboo learned the about hentai through that website and being quiet familiar with dating games through some articles I found at the time.

Vyberte si nějakou postavu a dejte jméno(name)testbug potom nakupte 20 náhrdelníků,5 medvídků a třeba 5 kytek a paj choďte za tou holkou Tomoko(ostatní nejdou,jedna jo,ale nemůžete k ní dom)a dávejte jí ty kytky,meďochy a náhrdelníky a něco si nechte na rande! a ona vam neco rekne a to si piste na papir a pak az vam rekne kdy ma cas tak kliknete na ty panacky co sou spolu a napiste ten den co vam rekla a pak se ji ptejte na vsechny otazky musite odpovedet spravne pak ji vyfotte a dejte pusu. Nezapomente si koupi medicinu,kafe,kapesniky a darky a pak vam to doufam pude!

I remember spending my time on this game back in Middle School.

It's a fun game to kick around for curiosity sake.

This guy clearly cut his teeth into this project and gotta say its quiet inspiring even when Sim-man quit at one point but came back and finished it.

Ovládání hry: myší Zahrajte si novou verzi oblíbené sexy adventurky Sim Girl. Jak toho dosáhnete již záleží jen na vašich schopnostech.