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Shannon elizabeth dating

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She was born as Shannon Elizabeth Fadal to parents Patricia Diane Fadal and Gerald Edward Fadal.As a child, she became interested in the world of modeling and also enjoyed playing tennis. Furthermore, she belongs to a mixed ethnic background of Syrian/Lebanese, English, Irish, and German.

It's something I feel like I can help make a difference.As a senior, Shannon was in a music video shot in Waco.The music artists were local ones named "Hi-5", and the director of that video just happened to be Antoine Fuqua.She even considered going pro, and making tennis her life.Also during high school, she was active in cheerleading, dance team, and the student council.She appeared in ‘Hang Time’, ‘Blast’, ‘USA High’, ‘Step by Step’, and ‘Blade Squad’.

She had a breakthrough in her career after she was cast to play Nadia in the popular ‘American Pie’ movie in 1999.

In 2016, she produced the independent film Swing Away. She considered becoming a professional tennis player at one point in her life.

She made a cameo appearance as Nadia in American Reunion.

She directed and produced the music video, "More Than Friends", by the rapper Wil Fuller and British sensation Kele Le Roc, and she also started her production company called "Ganesha Productions".

The company is currently (2016) focused on financing and shooting a film called Hazard, based on the Richard Marx song of the same name.

Additionally, she has also appeared in several horror films like ‘Cursed’, ‘Night of the Demons’, and ‘Jack Frost’.