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MORE: 10 Ways to Be Confident, Ballsy, and Sex as Hell in Bed Be Safe and Purge Accordingly Most importantly, do not make a sex tape with someone you don't trust, and always be in control of the video.If you're not exactly a tech whiz or you have no idea how to use the Cloud (like the characters in ), you might want to skip the i Pad and go old school using a regular camera to make sure it doesn't end up saved somewhere without you knowing.

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Don't pick crazy positions you've never tried before, because it will probably end up looking more awkward than awesome.Plus, dressing up for the occasion is bound to make you feel sexier and more prepared.Pick a lingerie set that makes you feel amazing or even do your hair and makeup so you'll exude confidence., played by Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, simply want to spice up their sex lives with a little X-rated home movie.And it's all fun and games until they accidentally upload it. But aside from your tape ending up in the wrong hands, there are other concerns you might have about filming yourself—like how you and your partner will actually look in action.Get that thing purring, rev it, and you can ride that rocket to the moon, baby. Online, somebody noticed that the photo of the teacher was from a Japanese porno movie.

For one woman in Florida though, masturbating on the bike’s seat while staying in the garage was all the thrill she needed.

Dress the Part "Great films are all about building anticipation," says Morse.

A sexy striptease is a great way to start the sex tape: "Start out the video partially dressed and slowly undress for the camera," she suggests.

"Throw in some dirty dialogue by describing what you're feeling or what you want your partner to do to you," says Morse.

Just avoid any of these 13 things you should never say during sex.

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