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Further Reading: I am a graduate in computer science with a creative bent of mind for writing content. I trail in database management system, and object-oriented programming languages like Java, C/C .

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In this article, I will be explaining the complete difference between Applet and Application in Java along with coding examples.Before to this, let’s see the definition of Java applet and application.An applet is a small application that performs specific operations or functions.In Java, most basic programming tasks are performed by the API’s classes and packages, which are helpful in minimizing the number of lines written within pieces of code.Java Development Kit (JDK) is comprised of three basic components, as follows: The Java API, included with the JDK, describes the function of each of its components.Java FX is the latest library which has solved the problem of bad looking applications or say which has replaced the old windows 98 style look of java based softwares with a highly advanced client rich application’s look and feel.

The apps developed using Java FX can be given beautiful interface with as ease as building a website. You can visit this for more information about Java FX. Stage; public class Main extends Application Now right click on the and run as Java Application.

If you are an experienced programmer and you are adept at reading code, you will likely be able to follow this codelab even if you don't have much experience with Java.

You write Android apps in Java using an IDE called Android Studio.

The official API includes packages, e.g., applet packages, graphics and GUI swing packages, input/output (IO) packages and Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT), among others.

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After referring to the available API classes and packages, the programmer easily invokes the necessary code classes and packages for implementation.