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Fourth, the creek flowing through Andersonville served both as a source of water and as a latrine.

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In the fighting around Chattanooga later that year he was dismayed to find among the captured Confederate troops men who had surrendered at Vicksburg and who had not been exchanged.First and foremost was the breakdown of the prisoner exchange system.From the summer of 1862 until the summer of 1863, captured Union and Confederate troops would be released within 10 days after being giving their parole.The system worked reasonably well until the issue of the treatment of Black troops came up.The Confederates refused to recognize Black soldiers as Union troops under the system and reduced many of them to slavery.By June the prison population had ballooned to 20,000.

Using prison labor, the boundary of the prison was extended 610 feet to the north during June.

The second reason for the tragedy was the series of small POW camps in the vicinity of Richmond, which, with the breakdown in the prisoner exchange system, were soon overflowing with Union prisoners.

In November 1863 Captain Richard Widner came to the hamlet (population 20) of Andersonville, Georgia to investigate the prospects of building a large POW camp there.

Fifth, medical care at Andersonville was basically non-existent, with the small medical staff completely overwhelmed.

Sixth, the Union soldiers were in theory to get the same daily ration as a Confederate soldier.

He liked what he saw: plenty of water near at hand, located near a railhead and situated in the Deep South, far away from the Union armies.