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Driving south on the highway, I had my pants unzipped and began a slow jack-off. It was a hunky guy with no shirt, broad shoulders, big smile with great white teeth that looked like they were capped. I smiled, pulling my hand away from my swollen cock so he had a good look.

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The most seldom used men's room was in the basement, for this was where the hot action occurred.Brian, as I found out his name eventually, would go there quite often and go swimming.He had a very lean, smooth body, with a little bit of muscular tone to it.As I pulled in to the parking lot, I found that I was the only one there.This was very unusual, for this park is one of the many that is spread through out this city.You can be whoever you want to be on the Night Exchange.

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The boy was laying down on a bed with his legs spread and this cock just jutting out from his body.

His blue eyes were smiling, inviting you to take a peek into his soul.

When we got our drinks, he was standing next to me, was a little drunk and quite attractive for a 40 year old type, long hair, jeans, vest.

He looks like he was lonesome and we spoke a bit small talk then as I visited with friends I sort of let my left hand hang down and would brush his left leg a little now and then. Our complex has a clubhouse that features an indoor pool, hot tub, weight room, racquetball court, sauna and showers.

First night without a roof over his head and his head still buzzed from the fighting. Oh, it wasn't that I wasn't interested - quite the opposite!