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Sea of love internet dating

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It turns out that online daters with too many cuties to choose from also end up unsatisfied.

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They’re constantly wondering whether the person they decided to go on a date with is really the best match in the pool.He told me his parents were dead, only child, had a son that an elderly family member was raising. For more information on how the FTC handles information that we collect, please read our privacy policy.Sent me a copy of a "contract" for a job overseas that looked like a blind hamster wrote it. This is a moderated blog; we review all comments before they are posted. I was very flattered by the words he was texting me. He told me He wanted to marry me and have a little boy for him. So I told him that I don't involved myself in other people financial business. He tells me that his someone was trying to send him a check to his bank account but it didn't clear. I finally caught this person Catherine hannisick she or he was a scammer i should of know better this person was taking pictures from facebook and instagram somehow got into her private account im so mad that i fell for this all the signs were there but i was feeling alone and she was nice in the beginning but now i know i tried the plenty of fish app it’s garbage also u have same scammers trying to lure u into hangouts saying the same stories about being in the army or some sad story im still thinking about reporting this i have all our conversation and pictures saved on my computer even when I tried to stop talking she would say she try to hurt herself which of course was all bs what bothers me the most is that these are heartless people just after people money Mathew Mac Cleary was scamming both you and me simultaneously. I’m the inky one who could help him because he’s alone in this world. A 64 y/o professional in business as an electrical engineer has no one to vouch for him or lend him Money. His passport said he was from Frankfort Germany but his passport type was coded originated in India He had an Indian not a German accent. Same exact story except born in Greece, lives in San Antonio, working in China Sea and stranded in China.. I did find out that the lawyer he claimed to be using, was in VA so I notified him. Could not get in touch with the bank or the land authorities to confirm anything. Quickly fell "in love" with me, stated he needed financial help. I am also talking to a guy stuck on a oil rig..his wife 5 years ago to car accident and wants me to mother his 2 kids and he first wanted me to send him a thousand dollars, I told him no mad..him to bad..after a couple of weeks he then started asking for a i Tunes crazy... Amazing looking guy contacted me on POF after about 24 hours (over 3 days)of chatting on Hangouts trying to convince me to visit him on his oil rig in the North Sea (apparently wives and fiancées can go for 2 days) He will pay for everything - i just need to contact his ' Agency' to confirm dates. The red flags for me was when he asked me for my Sprint account so he could get a phone for his mother and his brother. I didn't ask him about it but that next morning he sure did call me out for not asking about it. I think I was just smart enough not to give him my information. By Sunday he said he left the tools in the taxi that he needs to start the job and cannot work until he gets them bit his bank account cannot release the full amount that he needs so could I send him $1,500. He too had a wife and child who died in a car accident 10 years ago and he was waiting for me to to come into his life. I hope others will learn from these posts before they are taken advantage of. I really fell for him and kept trying to convince myself it was real. Mechanical engineer, single dad, only child, dad deceased, lived all over the world, and working offshore. Beware of the guy in instagram, his name jeonghung, his profile pic is with his son wearing black shirt which is same shirt with his son too.) Finding myself in that situation several times in my life, I have opted for deleting my account.

But things get frustrating on the other end of the spectrum, too.

Then we we're texting each other one night and told me He was said and pissed off over a letter he received in the mail from his bank officer. “His” photos were stolen from Instagram, so when i did a reverse search... Did this person ask for I-tunes so he could call his company back in the States? Born in Germany, finished schooling in US lived in Orlando FL. When we were about to meet he suddenly got called to a job in Cairo which would take 9 dats but we could meet when he got back. He anxiously gets me set up on Viber to chat and call. Works in a coffee shop without name, lives with her female friend, her parents died in a car accident when she was little and she also fell in love with me rather quickly. I found him in Instagram but he has deleted that now. I haven't given him anything; but it's killing me. He said he is from taiwan working offshore in south china sea johor bahru??

Only child, parents dead, told me he was 50, now it is 53. Ex wife cheated on him with best friend- thats my true story Best part. He is insisting because of our "LOVE" I'd have to help him, send money again after I already sent it... except he went to Dubia in 2017 and is back home supposedly now. Claimed he fell in love with my pic instantly and can we go off line on email. She claims to live locally but comes up with endless excuses for not being able to meet. He can't use Facetime because of CCTV all around. This guy is putting in the time chatting and his photos well he is gorgeous of course.

I asked him to give me his information first before I made a decision to do that for him. The last thing I told him was i may be vulnerable but I am not a stupid woman. Australian citizen, deceased wife Laura, Pentecostal, grew up in Brazil ..sound familiar? His name and information is completely different, but could be the same guy. I have not given him ANY money, but it's come up several times, in a very general way. Hi, my “suitor” knows my address also and where i work. All that being said I wanted to melieve him because I saw an attractive jovisl man in pictures who professed his love and faithfulness to me. I can’t figure out how to look up His pictures though, wish FTC would create a place on here where we can compare them! After losing mother husband sister in three years was scammed by some guy on match Antonio Italian also got me off website. I refuse saying I do not have this amount of money.

He then proceeded to ask me to give him my banking information so the check can be available to him. Your name isn't Alana is it because he once called me that by mistake. O., but with different facts--his name is Mark Destenay, from Berlin, Germany, working on a rig in Gulf of Mexico. He denied all but couldn’t deny he didn’t Jen have a home because his d L has an apartment address. None of his pictures looked to match the voice and the personality over the phone did not match his written correspondence. As the days went by he became more angry and frustrated and blamed me for his losing his contract I WASTED HIS TIME AND HE GOT. all other info the same down to the camera on his phone being broken.. Agency then requests $1000 for me to undergo Safety and Assurance Control.

Exactly the same story, made me feel guilty for refusing to buy i Tunes cards, wife died, son, lives in LA, flew to Malaysia, sent pics of the gold he was buying! He has sent photos, called on messenger and called on video chat with only part of his face showing while on a boat that was moving.