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Scottish dating site

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Whilst this might make people from other cultures balk, as introducing someone to the family is usually a pretty serious step, in Scotland it’s relatively normal to hang out with their folks.

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So unless this is the perfect opportunity to act on a secret crush, get ready to face potentially awkward situations at work or the neighbourhood coffee shop., so be prepared to counter the dreaded morning-after hangover with plenty of aspirin and Irn Bru.So be ready to be fed to an inch of your life and receive a deluge of invitations to spend the holidays with the rest of the family.Whilst the Scottish accent is widely lauded as being one of the sexiest out there, there are actually many different variants upon the brogue.Read on to find out the 11 dating rules you’ll need to know before looking for your partner-in-crime in Scotland.Scots by and large don’t follow the North American pattern of meeting someone, asking for their number and going out on a few planned outings together.Scotland dating is lively but charming, with a blend of different cultures.

We make sure you are paired with singles who have the qualities you want.

Luckily you’ll have a Scottish SO to show you all the best places.

If you’re dating in one of the major Scottish city centres, like Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee, you’ll be experiencing some of the best live music you’ve ever heard, or experiencing works by the great European masters first hand.

So be sensible and pack a waterproof jacket over your date night outfit.

Also, be flexible when a hike up Arthur’s Seat needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather – a cosy movie night indoors can be just as nice.

Meeting over a dram can be a great first date idea, as the Scots are truly passionate about their alcohol.