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Science connection dating site

As a female academic, I'm glad to have found a group of people with enough commonalities and a relatively safe way to meet men of good character and similar professional achievements." "I want to thank you for offering this service.While I have not met the 'woman of my dreams' yet, I have enjoyed the people I have met.

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I was first of all surprised at the number of contacts I made from the start, but more to the point, that one of the resulting relationships has become so special to us that you should include my membership number on your next inactive list." "What a lovely surprise your service has turned out to be.I have met one interesting man and am corresponding with another.Haven't met anyone who gives me goose bumps yet, but I'm having such a good time, it doesn't really matter.Any male likes receiving a suggestion of personal interest in them, especially those of us long out of the dating scene, but more important is the smart, intelligent, up front and "let's not bullshit here" tone that is coveyed by all the member profiles I've scanned and those few direct contacts. "I am very impressed with Sciconnect and have already made a few good friends to correspond with.You know, I left other dating services b/c the guys were wretched at returning emails. Sciconnect is the best singles website that I have encountered so far.Thank you." "I believe Science Connection offers, most likely, the largest selection of available single, intelligent women that I have found.

You are providing a valuable service and you are doing a great job at it. " "While I did not meet him through SC, being a member of SC has been a wonderful learning experience about this fascinating process of finding a partner. I have been impressed with the quality of men men through SC -- mostly interesting lives, honest, focused." "I am writing to ask that my membership be terminated, as I have recently begun a relationship with a wonderful man.

I for one, feel this probably constitutes the ultimate re. Far superior to the other more expensive, flashy and somewhat phony dating services." "After contacting and speaking with a few of the women in Sci Con, I have to tell you how pleasantly astonished I am at their caliber!

I've had only initial contacts, of course, but what a difference from the other 'forests' I've been 'hiking' on.

I have very much enjoyed meeting new people through your organization and I commend you once again for having put together this innovative and much needed service for science professionals and nature lovers. " "I want to take this opportunity to tell you I like the style in which SC is run -- your advice & observations on the membership pool, the personal (friendly) feel of the newsletter, and your willingness to adapt procedure to members' requests.

Keep up the good work." "I am writing to discontinue my membership early. Your service attracts a higher quality group of men than any other service I ever joined and at a very economical price.

How else could semi-reclusive woods-walkers meet, anyway, without joining a group (ugh! Thank-you thank-you." "I wasn't sure what to expect with Science Connection, but I have been very thankful for the results.