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Schizophrenia dating site

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If you Google “How to convince someone with schizophrenia to get treatment,” you discover a vast network of distraught families grappling for answers.

I put word out to friends that, if anyone spotted him, I’d like to know.We couldn’t force him to stay there, and, once he left, he could go anywhere. So Tom remained on the streets, in the cold of an Alaskan winter.I was living far away, in Santa Fe, unable to do much to help, and I came to rely, for consolation, on certain things that I knew about my brother. He was strong and fit, with a wide-ranging intellect and a practical mind, and, in his early twenties, when he was still a student at the University of Colorado, he had done things like bike through Europe and climb a forbidding Alaskan mountain called the Moose’s Tooth.The fights steadily grew worse, culminating one day when Tom left and did not return.He was soon arrested again, and, when he was released, Dad told him that he could not return home while he remained unmedicated.Friends would say they ran into him at the library, or they passed him in their cars. He was in the parking lot beside Westchester Lagoon, staring into space.

They cooked him dinner or gave him a few bucks or let him take a shower.

There could be no Christmases, no Thanksgivings, no New Year’s Eves without the wondering. A teacher from our high school drew Tom indoors with a ruse: he said he needed someone to read aloud to, picked up “Moby-Dick,” and kept Tom listening as long as possible.

A friend’s parents left the door to their vestibule unlocked when they were away, so that he could stop there and warm up.

Nor did we mark the beginning of his habit of walking incessantly, roaming the streets and bike paths of Anchorage, Alaska, our home town, as he would for the rest of his life.

Friends and family members told me, much later, that he had been spending whole days driving around the city, marking up a map with notes and arrows, pursuing a delusion about women whom he believed had been kidnapped.

Nights, I tried not to imagine the worst possibilities.