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Scarlett johansson justin timberlake dating

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resize=480:*"Seriously sexy, tremendously talented and gorgeously goofy – what's not to love about Justin Timberlake?The newly single star has always been on Cosmo's hot man radar and we imagine dating him is literally the best thing that can ever happen to you. To see if there is, we take a look at the ladies who've caught his attention…We've never quite got over the Justin and Britney break up!

She and NYC ad exec Nate Naylor split last month after about a year together.resize=480:*"After Britney, Justin played the field to his full potential, being linked to a string of women.Not much is known about these two stage sensations but he was only 16 when they dated and they shared a mutual love of hip hop with Fergie saying how mature he was although she was a little embarrassed by the age gap.The pretty pair split in 2002 amid speculation Britney had cheated (was she mad?) although this has never been confirmed, despite Justin's video, Cry Me A River alluding to this conclusion…" title="image" src=" the same time as Stacy, Step Up actress Jenna appeared on the scene.

Jenna was also rumoured to have played a part in Justin and Britney's split.

crop=1xw:0.375xh;center,top&resize=480:*" data-sizes="auto" data-srcset=" crop=1xw:0.375xh;center,top&resize=640:* 640w, crop=1xw:0.375xh;center,top&resize=768:* 768w, crop=1xw:0.375xh;center,top&resize=980:* 980w"Could you get over your ex if he was Justin Timberlake?

Especially if you're Jessica Biel who he's just split with!

The girl clearly knows how to bag a buff boy – bravo!

" title="image" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src=" resize=480:*"Around the same time as Stacy, Step Up actress Jenna appeared on the scene.

costars Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson reunited on the red carpet for the Sunday Nov. First topic of conversation after Biel, 30, and Johansson, 27, embraced on the red carpet?