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The foreign powers pushing the government to take certain decisions will abandon you when you start killing one another and reject you from running to their countries so be careful.Our 11 year war in Sierra Leone was not even based on religious or tribal difference and see what we did to our country.

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No foul play is being suspected in Choji Zeng’s death, however. How can a marriage that ended 30 years ago as claimed by Oduahs produced the late 28 years old son and his brother who probably is younger.... 2 Wrongs The Father was wrong to have gone to the Press on this issue While the Son truly proved that he's like his father in mentality was wrong by going to the Press too. May God grant them the fortitude to bear this great lossvirginboy1:"Treat all parts of your towel equally because the part that will clean your nyash today might clean your face tommorow Best post ever on Nairaland. You can call each other names and laugh about it now but when you end up inciting hate here as I read through your posts here and a real civil war starts in your country you will regret what you are doing now.Your religious and political leaders are trying to divide you between religious lines and you are helping them do that rather than standing up and say we are all Nigerians never mind our tribe, region or religion.That's the only stand that will save your blessed nation. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives, Rt. Yakubu Dogara, have described as "a desecration of the legislative sanctity", the on-going situation in Benue State in which eight out of the 30 members of the State House of Assembly have commenced impeachment process against the Governor and with the support of the police, the 22 other members who constitute more than two-third majority are kept away from the Assembly Complex.In a statement jointly signed by their aides in charge of media, Saraki and Dogara also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call the police to order and stop them being used to achieving political purposes."We have monitored closely the development in Benue State in which the impeached Speaker, Terkimbir Ikyange, led seven other members to serve impeachment notice on the state Governor, Samuel Ortom, while the 22 other members who constitute more than two-third majority have been prevented from having access to the chamber.He said he had to call the mortuary attendants for help.

The mortuary attendants forced the dead hands off him.

They should not be in a hurry; in 2018, I will be done. I have become a figure in this country that I have nowhere to go.“This rascality of EFCC must stop. They must put it into writing because EFCC under the law has no power to touch my property.“It is not new.

I fight everyday and God grants me victory everyday.

The worst conflicts are those based on tribal and religious differences.

See Central Africa, Bosnia, South Sudan and Rwanda.

What we are seeing in Benue now is a return to that inglorious era."We believe this unlawful and unconstitutional move to impeach Governor Samuel Ortom by a minority should be condemned by all lovers of democracy, at home and abroad. Thiefnubuu is now hiding in Lagos, waiting for osibande to be thrown out too from aso rock.