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Sarah brightman and frank peterson dating

As the music soars, she strips off the layers and veils to reveal thigh-high, silver glitter boots and a matching sparkly miniskirt. Now, here she is, three decades later, launching her first world tour in four years, in eerily similar attire. "I'm a very different person." And, no, Brightman isn't in the least nostalgic for those Starship days.

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Brightman had been out of work for a year after Hot Gossip before Lloyd Webber spotted her at an audition for Cats in 1981. The following day, Brightman, now demurely dressed in a little black shift and matching cardi (albeit vamped up a notch with over-the-knee black platform boots), laughs uproariously.Not long ago, a friend offered to take one of her cars for a service. "It may have looked fabulous but those were the days of rather cheap, coarse material. All the time I was on camera, I was dying to scratch," she whispers conspiratorially.The fallout from their divorce in 1991 effectively ended her UK stage career – so she relaunched herself in the States on the back of a stint in Lloyd Webber's Aspects of Love on Broadway.Later, once she had found success on her own, Brightman offered to return her ex-husband's multi-million-pound divorce settlement. While Brightman, now 48, can still pack 'em in in the States – her new world tour involves holographic sets, and requires her to change costume on stage, sing on top of a pile of plush mattresses, and perch on a precariously high swing – she can't quite pull it off in her homeland. Our time together was a very positive and creative phase for me.Produced by Frank Peterson with Sarah, The Second Element is the second single released from the Dive album.

The CD single features three album tracks and one non-album track, namely “The Second Element,” “The Second Element” (Album Version), “Island,” and “Rain.” The non-album track, “Rain,” is especially notable because this Frank Peterson composition features lyrics written by Peterson and Sarah’s sister, Nichola Brightman.

She insists that doesn't worry her, that she sees the world as a global village. With hindsight, moving to America afterwards was a good thing.

But one suspects that the main problem is that, to the British, Brightman is forever frozen in a timewarp: she remains that fabulous singer who married the rich bloke. I started again and won success in a country where I was an unknown.

He hired her, and the pair married three years later.

He went on to cast her in several musicals, including Song and Dance, and wrote the lead role of The Phantom of the Opera for her.

Often regarded as being single-mindedly devoted to her musical career, she says that after her divorce she was desperate to have children.“After my marriage to Andrew ended, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy and two miscarriages.