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Sara quin dating 2016

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Though times have changed somewhat, it’s been a long haul.Touching upon lead single ‘Boyfriend’, Sara believes it wouldn’t have been possible to release a track so openly narrating a lesbian relationship as recently as five years ago.

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Here, synths need no signposting and hooks are as frequent as cat’s eyes in the road, guitars an all-but-distant memory for the Canadian pair so rapidly speeding along the highway from indie idols to Top 40 mainstays.“[Even in 2007] my ears were already starting to gravitate towards things that now I perhaps just do all the time without thinking,” she considers.“I like when things are sort of, tailored and fixed and made to sound perfect.”Tailored is perhaps the best way of describing “the place” that Sara is talking about, that also plays host to the duo’s most ‘pop’ venture to date.That’s where things get interesting.“It’s not like we’ve arrived at this place out of nowhere,” Sara Quin begins, thinking carefully about exactly where she and identical twin Tegan find themselves.It’s a tough question for anyone to answer more specifically, particularly when they’ve been performing for nearly two decades.I was really, really a big part of why we never really played that kind of game.

And I feel like I had a bit of a “born again” moment with radio on the last album cycle.

I realized that I was a child of mainstream radio, and it’s interesting to explore it.

Is it more difficult to make it as a gay woman in pop than for a gay man?

Not surprisingly, this isn’t because the banging chorus would’ve proven too much for us all to handle.

Instead, she suggests, it’s because the mainstream’s discussion around queerness was coming not from members of the community.

Between songs, Tegan and Sara talked with Mary Lucia about "demo-itis," whether they still stay in touch with the bands they've toured with (of course they do), and the tumultuous state of U.