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Sammi cheng dating

In Sammi Cheng Sau Man’s December 2009 concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Andy Hui was one of the guest stars.Since the pair broke up in 2004, Andy has appeared twice as a guest in Sammi’s concert tours.

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Sammi has been called a diva and has been one of the most prominent female singers in Hong Kong since the 1990s.Although 43-year-old Andy Hui Chi On and 38-year-old Sammi Cheng Sau Man have denied rumors that they were dating on recent occasions, a reporter spotted the pair on a dinner date at 4 PM yesterday.The pair dined at a restaurant in the Jordan district, sitting in a dimly-lit corner.When the pair broke up in 2004, many fans hoped that they would reunite again.Sammi acknowledged that she did not date anyone in the last few years.He picked up a cup of tea and repeatedly sipped it to steady himself.

When reporters took photos, Andy forced himself to calm down and said, “It’s okay.” Finally collecting himself, Andy asked the reporter, “Which publication are you from?

”After finishing their meal, Sammi stepped outside first.

When reporters asked whether the pair were dating again, Sammi remained silent while smiling in response. Andy said sternly, “Don’t say that.” After driving Sammi home, Andy went back to his own home.

Her albums have sold more than 25 million copies through Asia-pacific, a record-breaking achievement.

Most notably in the 1990s, she was dubbed by the media as the "Cantopop Queen".

When Andy broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Michelle, last year, many people speculated that he would reunite with Sammi again.