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Sam heuston dating

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Davina would also regularly sign out with "I'm coming to get you!" after announcing that it is time for the evicted housemate to leave.

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In 20, Davina took over as the main host of Big Brother spin-off show, Big Brother's Big Mouth.Mc Call has also tried a hand at acting appearances in Sam's Game (2001), a Friends-style TV sitcom (also starring Irish comedian Ed Byrne), which was slammed by the critics and lasted only one series.She has also appeared in the Leigh Francis comedy sketch shows Bo Selecta and A Bear's Tail.She stated in an interview on Parkinson that she started smoking canabis and moved onto cocaine and heroin from there.She then went on to say that she believed it was thanks to her grandmother that she went clean.Dissatisfied with her near misses in the record industry, she gave up singing and took a job at Models 1 on the men's desk as a booker.

She also appeared in a music video for Kylie Minogue, Word Is Out, in a striped sweater and beret, in a nod to her French ancestry.

Davina was born in London to Florence (née Hennion) and Andrew Mc Call, and at the age of three went to live with her paternal grandparents in Surrey after the break-up of her parents' marriage.

Her French mother Florence returned to Paris, and Mc Call saw her only when on holidays.

Mc Call provided the voice of an android version of herself for the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf" in 2005, and played herself as a human and subsequently as a bloodthirsty zombie in Dead Set in 2008.

She has featured as a guest on numerous chat shows, and in 2005 appeared on the BBC Two motoring show Top Gear, participating in the programme's "Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car" segment.

On rare occasions a live show will be organised in the event of a twist, such as a surprise or mid-week eviction, the arrival of new housemates or in order to spectate a live task.