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The operators assured users that they would be washed between rentals.


It has also led to a dramatic rise in the popularity of sex toys for lonely men.This preference for boys has slowly dwindled, especially in the cities, but the country still faces a critical gap for the next few decades.To help alleviate this and other demographic woes, Beijing in 2015 announced a switch to a nationwide two-child policy, but the damage to this generation’s sexual relationships has already been done.Even the company I profiled, Hitdoll, was hinging their business model on a mix of domestic and global sales.Proprietor Vincent He wasn’t sure China’s burgeoning market of bachelors would be their best customer base, saying, “Thirty-year-old single men tend not to spend the money on dolls.Over 65 percent of sex toys sold online were to males between the ages of 18 to 29, according to the report.

I didn’t anticipate this explosion in 2013, when I visited a sex doll factory in Dongguan, southern China.

George Uhl, Roberto Malone, Andrea Moranty, Kendo, Francesco Malcom, Lydia St.

Martin, Julia Taylor, Claudia Rossi, Angel Dark, Jennifer Love, Vanessa Mae, Renata Black, Daria Glower, Cayenne Klein, Boroka Bolls George Uhl, Andrea Moranty, Cristian Devil, Marco Nero, Fausto Moreno, Clarke Kent, Jazz Duro, Kendo, Lydia St.

Scantily clad buxom models lounged in chairs; some, like the Venus de Milo, missing limbs.

He and his employees showed me around the premises with a matter-of-fact air, cupping rubbery teats and parting silicone thighs with as much sangfroid as if they were still making office chairs.

They can go for real women.” That said, sex toy usage — though not dolls — was already being normalized in China to a degree that was not the case in the West, in part propelled by a vast, and mostly male, migrant population separated from their families.