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Rihanna and usher dating

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They were first linked in 2001, but then Campbell moved on to a slew of different guys.

Honestly she can hit at the most 2 notes and every song is repetition of the other.Campbell was arrested for assault outside of Jafar’s London house but charged were dropped and it was swept under the rug.Campbell was linked to Quincy Jones for four years.They are still good friends and Campbell even considers Briatore to be one of her mentors.Campbell dated Venezuelan model Enrique Palacios on and off from 2001 until 2002.Relationship rumors didn’t start swirling until summer 2017.

Their “friendship” was chronicled by intimate selfies adorned with heart emojis and a naked underwear campaign together.

There were rumors that Campbell and Doronin would eventually get married.

Doronin was still technically married during their relationship.

Their relationship ended because Usher supposedly got “bored” of the model and Campbell had enough of being told what to wear and what events to attend.

Campbell dated billionaire oil heir Badr Jafar for roughly 10 months.

He and his wife Ekaterina were separated in 1998 but never got officially divorced.