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Responding to an online dating profile

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But if I put together “lawgirl” and “bossy and dramatic” this equation gives me “a lawyer.” How is my math here?🙂 (tasteful humor and sarcasm and shows the responder’s personality; a follow up question to continue a conversation and provoke a woman to respond) More importantly, how is her majesty spending these pleasant days and evenings? (calling her “majesty” is again a showing of wit and sense of humor; ending an e-mail with a question is an effective way to make a woman respond, because answering a question is so much easier and more “tempting” than simply writing something.) ********** The other thing I like about this response is that it’s of perfect length.

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“tedious.” Thanks, and I hope your find this example useful.I believe that the response to a woman’s profile below is a great example of that.For your convenience, I insert comments in smaller font throughout this brief response to show exactly why it’s so effective.I am looking for someone who listens well and who can articulate his thoughts effectively.There’s nothing more annoying than having a one way conversation. Also, I am not trying to be rude, but i would like someone who keeps up his appearance…You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Regardless of hitting it off, it might be a great way to make a new friend. “Dramatic and bossy” – few people can be truly honest and even fewer can be honest with themselves about who they are.

(this comment relevant to her profile shows that he actually read what she had to say and has a somewhat philosophical observation to share with her that suggest that he is an interesting guy) Thus, I found your “admission” of being dramatic and bossy quite admirable, because it suggests that you can reflect on your own behavior – a quality that should not be taken for granted.(this is a compliment but is very different from a typical compliment – it’s very specific and not overly generous) So, “lawgirl82” – you don’t look tough enough to be a cop or FBI agent.

this has made me very sensitive and empathetic which is why people find it easy to share with.

I’m a romantic and therefore am usually disappointed by the guys I meet… I like to stand up for the underdog and give attention to the forgotten.

Like in real life, meeting women online means running into many “average” ones and meeting someone who is exceptional and clearly a more interesting person once in a while.