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Research paper on interracial dating

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Many say that the white race diminishes because of this.Furthermore, many argue that the only reason a person of color marries a white person is to move up in social status.

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For instance, in the United States, each of the races described above reside here freely.This is said because of the fact that the children born do not resemble their mother or father.Also, the child does not look white at all and this is a common argument for why white people oppose interracial relationships. The issue of discussion here is that of interracial relationships.This was chosen because everyone in the world is affected by or is around them.Also, Whites, more often than not, disapprove of interracial relationships because of the resulting appearance of the children.

For example “Parents fear how their children will be treated as a result of the relationship.”(Burnette, 2) This is saying that the parents of the interracial couple are worried about their children having children together because of how the child would be treated.

Therefore, interaction rates among nationalities increases. So, many people understand that the frequency of races mixing is going to increase and it is accepted with these people.

For these reasons, the issue of interracial relationships is very controversial because each side has strong reasons for either accepting or opposing it.

These activities are heavily present in the minds of these effected racial groups, and this causes great friction between the races when people believe it is harmless to associate sexually in a biracial way.

The issue of interracial dating is controversial because it joins two races and in many eyes brings back past memories of how minority races were unequally treated.

Presently, many people that are in an interracial relationship are actually in it for the love.