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Relative dating techniques for kids

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But even in the written, you've gotta wonder what's added over each generation.

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At the extreme form, they might have eliminated some of these groups and then only they were around to say what actually happened.Well that's where the science and we get even more detective work. And the type of people, the sciences that will study this, you'll hear terms like anthropologists. This is the study of present and past humans and human society.And then a subset of anthropology, which is really delving into prehistory and even history itself, is archaeology.So for example, an archaeologist might unearth this Neanderthal skull.They will use some science in order to figure out: When did this skull enter into the ground?If you wanted to talk about when the pyramids were constructed, it would be right about there. This is over 6 or 7 thousand generations into the past.

You could hardly see the time difference between now and several thousand years ago. Think about all of the stories that must have happened. It might be a founding of a village, a killing of an animal, a very simple courtship, a tenderness between a mother and their child.

Or taking out things of the story that really doesn't fit in with their worldview.

So even when we have the writing, and this is once again, some images of early writing. Even when we have it, obviously, we have much much more writing as we get to the more recent past, we have to be very very very skeptical.

They might use a technique like radiocarbon dating.

Radiocarbon dating, which could be used for things up to around 50,000 years old, so around that time span on our timeline.

You also have to be skeptical because you don't know whether these stories are actual accounts or whether someone just made it up to fit a worldview.