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Reggie bush who is he dating

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Several months ago, Claudia disclosed that she’s happy with Julius. Two are from previous relationships and the other, the one-year-old son they had together.

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So to put her mind at ease, she decided to take a pregnancy test.It’s known that Claudia Sampedro and Reggie Bush started dating after Bush broke up with Kim Kardashian.Claudia Sampedro’s baby daddy, left everyone surprised when he announced he’s breaking up with his then girlfriend, Lia Ames.Bush married someone else, who the internet all pointed out happens to look like Kim Kardashian.People in fact, as people do, sort of made a bigger deal of this than I think was necessary because people having types of people they’re attracted to is not something that Reggie Bush invented.This is evident in the number of followers she has gathered for self on social platforms.

Claudia Sampedro has over one million (1 million) happy followers on Instagram.

She is from Cuba but has now established herself in Miami.

While Claudia’s mother is of Moroccan descent, her father’s root has been traced to Spain.

Before she was married to Kanye West or even Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian — in case you somehow have forgotten — dated Reggie Bush for awhile.

They did a GQ photoshoot and he was occasionally on her reality show and then, because this happens sometimes, they broke up.

Roman is currently dating former football player, Reggie Youngblood, and many are curious to know more information on him, including things like, how old Reggie Youngblood is.