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Red flags and dating

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The chemistry is sizzling and that can be hard to overcome, but if there are multiple red flags early on in the relationship, you need to step back and take a clearer look at the person you are dating.To save yourself the heartache, as well as your time and energy, we have compiled a list of 20 early warning signs or red flags that the person you are dating is not the person he's pretending to be.

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It is wise, however, to be a little wary if your date is far too romantic, constantly showering you with gifts and compliments.But when we are caught up in that heady rush of falling in love, we tend to ignore our gut feeling that something is not right.It can be exciting and fun; getting to know an attractive stranger who seems to reciprocate your feelings.Demeaning a waiter, or anyone else for that matter might make a person feel powerful but it doesn't score any good points on a first date.You are all excited, dressed up and out on a date, but the guy seems distracted.Rather than waste months or years before realizing this hard-earned truth, look out for these early warning signs that the person you are dating might be toxic.

Some of these warning signs are subtle while others are loud and clear.

Once invested, it can be easy to hang on to an earlier image of the person and hope they will re-emerge, but the likelihood of that is very low.

So if he seems too good to be true, he probably is!

This may be a tactic called 'love bombing', wherein he emotionally manipulates you into believing you have found your soulmate.

Once the partner is trapped with a false sense of security, the love bomber's real nature is revealed and is often more negative than his previous behavior.

Maybe he is fidgeting with his phone because he's expecting an important call or email.