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Raz b dating a married man

The message is love, honor and gratitude.  Could Fool #1 and his rich uncle have a collaboration in the works.  Welcome to The Steve Harvey Nation WTTH 96.1 Atlantic City.  There is a big deal for Sand and Soul that is good through Monday.  Season 6 of Power is coming up.  Ezekiel Elliot wants a better contract and Steve has some wisdom for him.  A Georgia mother goes viral with some job fair recommendations for her demanding kids.  Sheryl Underwood stops by to talk about The Rock, a chicken fight and more.  Miss Carla talks about Basketball Wives in Reality Update and let's just say that The Lakers are back.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog talks about being done with negative people and why, plus more.

Learn more about your ad-choices at Steve opens up today's show quoting his favorite poet Tupac.The crew discuss the realities of black comedians in Hollywood.  Tyra Banks uses her expertise to save a failing photo shoot.  There is another mass shooting, this time in Philadelphia where six cops were injured.  Pray for Philadelphia.  Back to school is here and the crew share their fondest memories of back to school during their childhood.  Mike Tyson has an expensive monthly habit.  Miss Carla covers Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and more in Reality Update.  Todd Chrisley and Mary J.Blige are having huge tax problems.  Today in J's What We Learned Today, someone learns that there is a right way to do wrong and so much more.Learn more about your ad-choices at Happy Friday!Steve and Bitterman sing songs from The Commodores.  We have back in the day Steve story just for you.  Junior is here to give you Truth Be Told.  Are school Cafeteria's charging way too much or nah?Learn more about your ad-choices at Happy Humpday everybody Fool #2 is back!

Junior is still very angry at this helmet situation and $30 million.  Alex Rodriguez lost personal items from his rental car being stolen.  Galveston mounted officers are facing outrage due to a controversial racial photo.  CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has heated exchange of words with heckler.  J.

We is who we is and Steve Harvey said it.  Botswana's President tells Steve that he has heard of his nephew.  Jaime Foxx has been seen with a new lady.  Uncle Steve is offering a special deal for Sand and Soul.  Has anyone had the wrong thought at the wrong time.  Congratulations to our very own Carla Ferrell as she celebrates 15 years of marriage!

  Steve continues the discussion of his trip through Botswana and he was invited to speak in front of 5000 university students.  Lamar Odom was kicked out of Big 3 Basketball for being out of shape.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog talks about not worrying about God's way for you, trusting in Him and more.   Learn more about your ad-choices at Good morning, today we open the show and shout out all the school workers.

Uncle Steve is in Botswana today working with the President of Botswana to bridge the gap between African Americans and Africans.  The Rock married his longtime girlfriend.  Congrats to The People's Champ!

  Steve updates us on the biggest and baddest Sand and Soul yet.  Our POTUS may have the street outside of Trump Tower named after him.  Today is National Radio Day and the crew share their fondest memories in the business.  We are The Baddest Radio Show in the Land!

The chicken fight continues between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes.  Uncle Steve give us his list of The 50 Greatest R&B Singers.  Sand and Soul has a special just for Labor Day.  Things happen and we wonder when did they start.  Is your relationship too good or nah?