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Random dating profile generator

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But they don't know how the HELL to make a good Tinder profile.Whether they want to use Tinder to find a one night stand or a girlfriend, they have no idea how to present themselves in the best, most appealing way possible.

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If you're the lax bro, be the lax bro in your profile.If you're not the funny guy at all (see tip #14), maybe include where you're from, a cool place you've traveled and something you do for fun.Sounds simple, but really, one picture is just suspicious. Once, I matched with this one guy on Tinder whose pictures all looked vastly different, but I agreed to meet with him anyway.With the exception of those of you who just graduated in the class of 2015 (who may be still looking for a job because you're a recent grad and that's OK! It also shows you're being transparent about who you are. You don't use Snapchat to learn more about someone like you do with Instagram; you use Snapchat to directly send pictures to people. I feel like guys think women want one type of dude: the hypermasculine, emotionally detached, athletic asshole. You're way better off putting in good pictures of you, in which we can actually SEE YOUR FACE, than you are putting in pictures of you engaging a multitude of random activities that don't say anything about you.But some girls might think that's revealing way too much too fast. If you love the outdoors, be the outdoorsy guy in your profile.And not only do their descriptions not accurately reflect their vivacious personalities, but their profile pictures look NOTHING like them.

The photos they choose accentuate receding hairlines and squinty eyes that they don't even . How can such smart, awesome people have such little self-awareness?

Again, this isn't OKCupid or Match, so you don't need to write a whole thing.

Just give us something to work with here that isn't a single emoji.

But you should place more importance on listing your job. Women can smell inauthenticity like you can smell your roommate's fart after he tried and failed to sneak one by you. But not all.)If you aren't the hypermasculine, emotionally detached, athletic asshole, don't be that in your profile.

If you only list your college, I'm going to think you're unemployed, and I'm going to start thinking about FIFA and rotting pizzas again. You need to really think about whether or not you want to do this. In my opinion, connecting your Instagram isn't that sketchy because it's a cool way to see more real pictures of you. Don't test us by pretending to be someone you're not. Like, if you're an artsy dude who played soccer literally once in his life, don't throw in the one grainy i Phone picture someone took of you playing defense just to prove how masculine you are.

If you have no clue where to start, try to make us laugh somehow, whether it's with a quote, a joke, a self-deprecating comment or a reference to pop culture.