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Rainie yang dating show luo

Rainie answers first, she thinks she indeed fell in love with Show`s character in the drama “Da Lang”; when the drama first started filming, Rainie was very “ìron teeth” (very sure) thinking since Da Lang’s image is so funny, there is no way she’d fall in love with him.

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Show was actually wearing a pink one-piece Hello Kitty as his pj, even with a pink butterfly headband on his head, feminine to the max!“Hi My Sweetheart” is about to air on November 1st, officially joining the Sunday idol drama war.On 29th of the pre-film event, Rainie Yang mentioned again about how the two did not get along before, it was all because of a misunderstanding, which caused Rainie to feel that Show was a person full of pride, hard to get along, bad temper, not that handsome but is quite a good actor; but after working together in “Hi My Sweetheart”, she thinks this is the first time she actually got to know Show.From taking part in “Hi My Sweetheart”, the relationship between Show Luo and Rainie Yang initially was a bit awkward, has quickly heated to falling in love with each other in the drama, their relationship was so good that it had shocked their manager.Rainie Yang also revealed while they were filming in Hangzhou, she had once personally saw Show’s pajamas, it was a pink one-piece short sleeved Hello Kitty pj along with a pink butterfly headband, she was dumbfounded on the spot!But it appears that Chrissie is naturally gifted when it comes to love!

The Hong Kong paparazzi recently discovered that Chrissie and her costar, Taiwanese singer-actor Show Lo (羅志祥), were getting quite cozy with each other on the set of Journey to the West.

And what is most touching is the way they had stood by each other all the while, and they pact they made to each other to help each other become popular if anyone of them become popular first when both of them were facing their biggest career crisis.

However I had given up hope that they would ever get together.

It started filming on 26 July 2009 and wrapped in 23 November 2009.

It was filmed on location in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Hangzhou, China.

The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Chinese Television System from 1 November 2009 to 31 January 2010, every Sunday at to and cable TV Gala Television Variety Show/CH 28 on 8 November 2009 to 7 February 2010, every Sunday at to .