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Rainie yang and jiro wang dating

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at first you look so cute as i continue watching.... and just found out myself browsing the net and searching for you... before i like anime character like grey fullbuster, nomiya of my idiot bf, kei takeshima of S. That smile that gives me reason to dream, smile that inspires and a smile that makes me forget for all the problems that i have. I know that the chances of meeting you in person is just little But i still hope that you will read this short message that i wrote for you.i ended up searching your official fb account instagram and even skype... well i do really love your stories in life and i admire you so much... A., kyohei sata of yamato nadeshiko, lelouch vi britannia and etc. Hoping that God will continue to shower you His blessings and guide you wherever you are and may you inspire those people including me that admires you. From Philippines :) Wang Dong Cheng I would like to tell you eventhough you already know, that God have blessed you with a great talent and a beautiful voice. Not that I am sure you know where it is, but I have Deep respect for you and wish you all the best of luck.

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BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan to form a boy band called 3J, but, because of 9/11, BMG's stocks crashed and the 3J plan was scrapped.[1] Jiro then decided to continue his career in the industry by working backstage, mainly in charge of fashion designing and other designing necessities, as well as commercial modeling.Rainie winning was a serious upset, but nowhere near the level of collective-jaw-drop that was last year when Marc Chao won over Vic Zhou for Best Actor.I don’t dislike Rainie, but I have never finished a single drama she has starred in. Her acting bugs me, and I don’t have a objective critique so let’s leave it my subjective impression of her. He graduated at Fu Shin Trade and Arts College with a degree in Advertising Design.After his graduation, he dedicated his life toward the entertainment business.He was approached again around 2004, when his acting career began.

He speaks fluent Mandarin and understand conversational English.

I know my Ariel is good friends with Rainie, and is sure to be ecstatic to welcome her to the Best Actress award winners circle.

If anyone made it past episode 1 of Hi My Sweetheart, let me know if it gets less homicidal-inducing and maybe I should give it another chance?

The commercials he has appeared in include one for Megniu (a yogurt brand) as part of Fahrenheit. Because of Jiro's poor health, he often loses his voice, so he always has the medicine his mom prepared for him.

Fahrenheit features in Suan Tian (among other songs) with the Taiwanese girl group S. Behind the stage, he's always quiet because the doctor told him not to talk as much if he doesn't want to lose his voice; because of Xerophthalmia, he once couldn't complete the filming because he couldn't open his eyes.

Promise I will always support you ^^ Jiro Wang, you are very talented person..