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Rah rah gallery speed dating

I was so inspired by the fantastic ideas the teachers generated!

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Be sure to check it out soon, though, as "National Speed Dating Week," Feb. And Aish has gone all-out with this service; the Speed Dating home page is attractive and a model of matchmaking efficiency.Go to the search box and tell it your heart's desire — gender, age, area of the country.Then scroll through the "hits," each with a little picture and a sparse paragraph of personal information.V., ‎‎تلویزیون هزارگی‎, Hazara Pk, Hürriyyət Qəzeti‎‎‎, ‎‎‎Tanhai, ‎نسل بیدار‎‎, ‎‎الطاف حسین لطفیؔ‎, ‎‎Daste Hussaini Momin Abad دستہ حسینی مومن آباد‎, Rayess dar‎‎‎, ‎‎BBC Dari, ‎‎حکایت های زندگی‎, Entertainment Ki Duniya‎‎, Sandeep Maheshwari, Aam Admi, BBC Uzbek Afghanistan‎‎‎‎‎, ‎‎‎‎‎TABLE & CO - Lagerverkauf, Euronews Persian, ‎Dil Say Pakistan, ‎‎پرویز چنگیزی‎, Music lover AF‎‎‎, Faisal Raza Abidi, Yumz Cook, Anne Yemekleri, GREAT Hazara, Massoudiyan‎, ‎TOLOnews, Handbook Germany, Super Lines, Find new friends in Duisburg - for refugees and residents, Cityofhope cologne e.V., ‎‎‎MH Yosufi Page رفیع یوسفی‎, Lisa Chesters MP‎, Caritas Köln, Wohnung Köln mieten & kaufen - Immobilien Nachmieter WG Zimmer Untermiete, Decorated Houses‎‎‎, ‎‎‎Manno Mode Köln-Keupstr, ROCK YOUR LIFE!Rather than just lecture all day, I led a session of “speed-dating” books: we’d spend a few minutes skimming a book and brainstorming ways to use it with students, share our ideas with the group, and pass the book along. ) Bring in potatoes with “eyes” sprouting and bring in vegetable seeds. Feel free to use these ideas in your classroom or library, and please post comments to share what works for you!

This way, we had time to get our hands on over a dozen books and walk away with practical classroom applications.

Aish Ha Torah, the pioneer of the concept, has now brought it to the World Wide Web. First, you have to register, which involves answering a lot of questions about who you are and what you like.

Oh yes, it also involves money; you didn't think this service was free, did you?

Membership is $60 for a year, $40 for 6 months or $5 for a one-time trial.

But for now, at least, the site is offering free three-month trial memberships.

I had the pleasure of speaking at an early education conference where our theme was literacy and science. Try some vegetables both ways and chart our preferences. If you’re interested in the list of science books I shared, please email me at kristenremenar AT gmail DOT com.