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Founded by Adeem Younis, Single is a dating site run by Muslims that caters to single Muslims.It claims to be the number one online dating platform for Muslim dating by not only bringing about 10,000 marriages up to this day but by also being respectful towards the Islamic culture and religion.

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Compared to other dating sites, this has one of the strongest brandings with its carefully thought out web design.This information will be displayed so others would know who the profile is made for.Profile and photos must be approved by the admin first.Single has over 270,500 members in the United States. On average, two people leave the dating website having found success.65% of the member population are male Muslims while the remaining 35% are females. In a survey, 96% of the male members have said that they are looking for a younger wife.But if Islam is central to your identity as a Muslim, and you want to make it a central part of your relationship as well, you need a different kind of dating app.

Here are three of the top niche Muslim dating apps you need to try this year for a different kind of online dating experience.

If you are not someone who is on a computer or a laptop a lot, then this mobile app is the way for you. You can check your notification, inbox, upload photos and update your profile right at the very tip of your fingers.

Connecting with single Muslim brothers and sisters has been made easier with this app."Alhamdulilah, I got married to Farhana on the 25th of February 2018. Our marriage has been registered and a Marriage Officer did our nikkah, Ma Sha Allah.

The mobile app is a convenient supplement for members who are always on the go.

It only takes up a relatively small amount of phone memory space.

In order to send, read and reply to messages, see who's viewed your profile, and see who's liked your profile, you must have a premium account.