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The perfect way to touch a woman that will make her subconsciously attracted to you, without risk of rejection.A top secret cold reading technique that is easy to master, yet so powerful it will make women feel like they’ve known you forever.

Here’s An Incredible Opportunity To: But before we dive into what this is…Has This Ever Happened To You?What if you could be doing this the very next time you walk out your door? Guaranteed To Work On All Types Of Women From the quiet librarian type who let’s her hair down and is a sexy wildcat in the Playboy-like trophy babe on your arm making all your friends jealous.As I mentioned, I used to be incredibly frustrated with my ability to talk to women.I mean, no matter how clever my ‘pick up line’ was, I always felt like I had nothing to say that would keep them interested, engaged and invested in me. But only after I decided to take action to finally fix this part of my life.And the worst part is, the harder you try to recover, the worse it gets!

Well My Friend, I Have Some Great News What if I were to tell you that you could instantly and effortlessly generate sustainable attraction in every woman that you meet?

The key to finally stop missing out on “opportunities” when meeting women.

New, completely fresh direct openers, that are not only simple and fun, but will instantly make women feel attracted to you.

I spent countless hours hanging out and listening to other guys who were good with women. Refined my stories and developed a few amazing questions that always resulted in the conversation taking on a fun, sexual vibe.

I literally invested THREE YEARS testing and refining everything I could get my hands on to help me to engage and attract the hottest women. I learned how to touch women, in ways that almost magically generated attraction, without seemy creepy or weird. My name is Bill Preston and I’ve discovered a simple method that actually is proven to engage and attract even the hottest women just by following a few simple to remember steps.

Which is why it is so important to get better at meeting and attracting women, so you have the power to make the choice who is right for YOU. Introducing…Warming Up, Approaching, Conversation & Next Steps (47 min) Bad Boy Boy Flirting & Sexual Tension (32 min) Infusing Magic Into Your Game (52 min) How To Get Women To From The Bar To The Bedroom (55 min) Rapport Done Right With Women (55 min)Here’s What This Amazing Video Program Will Teach You..