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Psp dating sim games english

Combat is turn-based and the dungeons are randomly generated.

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Corpse Party takes place in a high school building that was built on the ruins of an old grade school in which a terrible and mysterious crime has occurred.PSP Adventure 21 February 2013 The Fruit of Grisaia is a PC-based visual novel adventure.We play the role of a teenage killer, who starts school full of pupils with dark secrets.Along with thirteen female companions, he sets out on a mission to defeat evil.The game offers a three-dimensional environment and focuses on talking to other characters, exploring the game world and fighting the enemies encountered.While playing, we mainly follow the story and make decisions that direct the story to one of several alternative storyline paths.

PSP RPG A combination of tactical RPG and visual novel.

In order to escape, the students must murder one of their friends and avoid being caught by their colleagues.

The gameplay mechanics are based on the same principles as the original game and they are split into three separate phases, in which one must first participate in conversations, then gather testimonies and evidence in the murder case, and finally go to a trial and type the murderer.

PSP RPG 01 November 2009 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is a j RPG game.

Player directs the actions of a teenage student gifted with the power to summon demons and fights against the threatening monsters led by Shadov.

Soon after the school year starts, Makoto and a group of other students are trapped inside the school building and a digitally-controlled mascot informs them that, in order to escape from the trap, one of them must murder someone else in such way that it will be impossible to find out who is guilty. First the player speaks with selected students, builds relations and learns interesting facts.