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Professionals updating support skills

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The use of finance-specific software programs is a given in your role, and accounting automation is becoming increasingly popular at many organizations and accounting firms.

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If you work in corporate accounting jobs, you must meet the needs of the organization's other departments and managers.Here's a deeper dive into six skillsets that provide the foundation for advancing in your accounting career, along with some advice on how to acquire them.The roles of accounting and finance professionals are expanding.The need for these six job skills underscores the fact that accounting roles are expanding.As you look to take on more responsibilities, consider working on the accounting certifications that can advance your career.Of course, these aren’t the kind of skills easily taught in a classroom.

But you can enhance them simply by paying attention to how others handle professional situations.

Additionally, your managers may look to you for fresh ideas regarding how the organization can ensure continuity of service to clients, improve compliance procedures or address a host of other issues.

Whether you work in public or private accounting, solid customer service skills are critical.

While there are ample opportunities for both experienced and entry-level workers in finance and accounting, the field is constantly evolving.

If you want to land a role at your top-choice company — and achieve job satisfaction and success — you’ll want to possess the most sought-after accounting skills.

And be careful not to overpromise when it comes to deadlines or deliverables.