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It is the customer’s responsibility to educate themselves about the current status of local laws governing the use of video and audio surveillance equipment.

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As the Seattle news site Crosscut reports, the chief of the police department in the city of Poulsbo estimated that, with his current staff, it could take up to three years to fulfill the blanket request.This means that should you be among the people taking part in the conversation, it may be recorded because one person has consented to the recording.Since many US states have a “gray area” in regard to hidden camera surveillance, the concept of “intent” has often been brought into the legal spotlight.If you have specific questions about the use of audio or video surveillance equipment in your area please contact your local law enforcement agency or an attorney that is educated in your local statutes.A Peeping Tom under the statute is a person who "peeps through windows, doors or other like places" on another's premises for the purpose of "spying upon or invading the privacy" of others or for "any other conduct of a similar nature that tends to invade the privacy of others.The site quoted another chief of police – Steve Strachan, of the Bremerton police department – who says that in spite of a hugely successful, 6-week pilot program of body-wearable video cameras that resulted in cops falling in love with the technology, it’s going to be shelved, given the public disclosure requests that have hit other Washington cities.

The budget’s there, but the willingness to put people’s private lives on display on You Tube is not, he said: Why would somebody want to put up videos of police arrests? If You Tube channels featuring videos of cute pets are raking it in, you can rest assured that cops chasing bad guys is a sure thing.

The recording of covert or hidden audio without consent of at least one party is almost always illegal.

Thus, our "hidden" cameras do not come with audio mics built in.

Should you be taking hidden video surveillance of your nanny to ensure that she is keeping your children safe, this is seen as acceptable intent.

However, if you are taking video surveillance of visitors to your home in order to blackmail, this can be considered malevolent intent.

States that don’t allow you to capture audio without the person’s express consent include: Many businesses use video surveillance systems (either hidden or within view) in order to promote the security of their business.