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Preventing dating stalkers

This type of stalker is very resistant to changing their beliefs about the survivor's love for them.Personality: This type of stalker is often a shy and isolated person and often lives alone and lacks any sort of intimate relationship in their life.

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Stalking Behaviors: If the stalker recognizes they are being rejected by the survivor, they may become threatening or violent.This type of stalker may engage in behaviors such as: writing letters to the survivor; calling the survivor on the phone; or sending the survivor gifts.The stalker may become jealous if the survivor enters or continues a romantic relationship with another person.Stalkers can have any characteristics and come from any type of background.Rejected Stalker Motivation: This type of stalker begins to stalk after their partner (romantic or close friendship) has ended their relationship or indicates that they intend to end the relations.Duration and Criminality: This type of stalker is among the most persistent type of stalker, harassing longer than any type except the rejected stalker.

The stalker is usually unresponsive to legal sanctions because they view them as challenges to overcome that demonstrate their love for the survivor.

This type of survivor may engage in behaviors sucyh as: surveillance of the survivor, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism, fetishism, and voyeurism.

Duration and Criminality: This type of stalker may stalk for a shorter period of time than other types of stalkers and has a higher potential to become physically violent with the survivor.

Survivor Characteristics: This type of stalker may stalk someone they know or a complete stranger.

Stalking Behaviors: This type of stalker usually does not harass or try to contact their survivor while they are stalking.

Survivor Characteristics: This type of stalker often stalks survivors that may have upset them directly or are representative of a group at which they are upset.