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Pregnant and dating tv series

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She soon finds out that she is pregnant, and decides to keep the baby.She must simultaneously deal with her boss and ex-boyfriend, James (Grant Show), who finds himself jealous of Zack.

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Davis pretends to be Dave Grohl's younger brother to impress a girl.Abby ends up irritating Olivia after she sends a friend request to the latter on Facebook.Billie and Zack have their first big argument after Zack tries to surprise Billie by installing a low flow toilet.Billie becomes the butt of jokes when her waxing appointment is halted due to Zack and Davis. Billie unintentionally causes Abby and Nick to break up when she asks them to be godparents.However, after a fun night on the town with Davis goes too far, Billie must stop Abby before she does something she will regret.However, things take a turn when the objects of the boys' affection reveal their true intentions.

Meanwhile, James tries to hook up with teenagers by pretending to be one himself.

When Billie tries to learn more about Zack, he becomes evasive.

While snooping through Zack's belongings, Billie discovers a note addressed to her that he never finished writing.

Billie forces Olivia to flirt with Sully until their story is printed.

Everybody gets a shock when James is axed and tells them that any one of them could be next.

Billie and Zack discover the gender of their child – thanks to Abby.