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Predating agreement

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Your decisions guide not just the health and well being of your product, but also all the people engaged in product discovery and delivery.Yet a common product ownership struggle I see in agile teams—regardless of industry and product type—is determining to make decisions.

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Your knowledge about product strategy, customer problems, market risks, competitive intelligence, and more, are crucial to making a solid technical architecture decision.This continuum helps people express their degree of accord with the proposed decision quickly and efficiently.For the proposed decision, ask the participants where they stand along the gradient of agreement.The SS-20 was mobile, accurate, and capable of being concealed and rapidly redeployed.It carried three independently targetable warheads, as distinguished from the single warheads carried by its predecessors.These participants are typically a mix of product partners from the business, technology and customer communities.

Since your product partners have deep and broad product knowledge, and often care passionately about the product, you need to find out where they stand on the decision before you finalize it. It goes beyond a simple yea or nay, using a scale of four levels of agreement.

The SS-20s 5,000 kilometer range permitted it to cover targets in Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and, from bases in the eastern Soviet Union, most of Asia, Southeast Asia, and Alaska.

In late 1977, NATOs Nuclear Planning Group ordered a study of the Alliances long-term INF modernization needs, consistent with the doctrine of flexible response.

In the mid-1970s the Soviet Union achieved rough strategic parity with the United States.

Shortly thereafter, the Soviet Union began replacing older intermediate-range SS-4 and SS-5 missiles with a new intermediate-range missile, the SS-20, bringing about what was perceived as a qualitative and quantitative change in the European security situation.

In retrospect, discussing the choice with the product owner, prior to making a decision, could have prevented an unfortunate and costly mistake.