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Play dating game improv

The song finishes by everybody repeating the final line by the last player. This improv is great for getting audience members on stage.Two actors perform a scene and two audience volunteers are seated on each side of the stage.

Physically grasping and moving arms, legs and hands is acceptable.Then the interviewer asks the two headed man various questions that the two performers must answer together as one. Bring Your Own Improv invites audience volunteers to play along, if they wish.Players will perform a selection of scenes that reenact an average day in the life of our FAM. For example, if the letter picked was L then the next letter would be M and so on through the alphabet.Players take turns alternating between the letters.The host can change the scene and pick a new letter after a player is replaced.

Players line up on stage and the host gets suggestions from the audience for occupations, objects, famous people, etc.

Once all four player have reached a steady rhythm as a group the first player steps downstage and raps four lines about the suggsted subject in the format of AA/BB.

Once those for lines are finished the player steps back and the next player does the same.

Watch our A capella choral song weaving a series of audience suggestions.

Each player is given an initial statement (usually a newspaper headline).

When all four players have gone the first player throws out one line for the second player to rhyme.